What In The World Would I Do Without Instagram?

What in the World Would I Do Without Instagram?
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Well, let me just tell you… What is UP, fam?! Do you even remember who I am? I know I’ve been totally MIA lately. But hey, hey, it’s meeeee, Briana! I deleted Instagram off my phone for almost six months, and though I didn’t intend to take a break at all really, it was filled with so much I had been intending to do for a long time.

Basically, something happened that sparked the idea of maybe taking a short, two-week break. I’m gonna share that in a LIVE video on Instagram instead of here, because it’s not really something I want to linger and be in my face, so be sure to turn on post notifications/follow in my stories to know when I’m doing that. ANYWAY, while going back and forth with that idea in my head, I already wasn’t getting on IG, so I deleted it to get it off my mind. Then I started doing other things I had been wanting to do! And life got crazy [good] busy and fulfilling with those things. Then I kind of just forgot about Instagram. I thought about people on Instagram, but not really in any relation to the app itself.

So to answer the biggest question that everyone has had of if I’m okay… YES! Absolutely! 100%! I’m better than I’ve ever been!

To answer the next biggest question of what we’ve been up to… Goodness, what haven’t we been up to!

I’ve been focused on two things; going to bed feeling proud of what I accomplished that day; and waking up feeling excited for the day ahead!

Aside from obviously loving on my fam and taking a break from the ‘Gram (rhymed unintentionally, but I’m pretty giddy about it), it’s consisted of me intentionally spending my free time doing things I love AND trying new things I’ve always thought I’d love! I’m passionate about almost everything. I want to be and do almost everything. Who has the time, right? I can’t do everything. But you’d be surprised how much I HAVE been able to do just by literally being intentional with every bit of my time, even if that means intentionally being lazy and clearing my head by watching a TV show (We are currently rewatching Friends in case anyone was wondering)!

Here’s a list of things I’ve been up to — just to keep it simple! I’ll share a questions box in my stories after I publish this post, so after you’re done reading, feel free to hop on Instagram and ask me any specific questions you have about these things, or you can always comment below as well!

  • Started therapy to finally start healing my PTSD
  • Reconnected with my talent agent
  • Started taking an acting class
  • Homeschooling Brayden
  • Taking Brayden and, now, Knightly to gymnastics
  • Got my wisdom teeth out
  • Fully potty-trained Knightly
  • Becoming fluent in Spanish and teaching the kids
  • Exercising
  • Eating a [mostly] plant-based diet
  • Taking Krav Maga
  • Just started going to a Bible study
  • Beachin’ it up with the fam
  • Reading a lot of books/scripts
  • In the process of starting a small, raised vegetable garden
  • Ziplining, cageless shark diving, hiking
  • And shoutout to my hubby because he graduated with his B.S. Degree in December!

In summary, I’ve been up to A LOT. I probably seem insane. But my heart is so full, and I actually feel more energized than when I’m doing less!

What in the World Would I Do Without Instagram?

Life without Instagram was really great for the most part! I really feel like it gave me more freedom to truly find what things I love and don’t love and form my own opinions without being… well… influenced. I’ve just been wearing what I want, decorating how I want, buying what I want, mothering how I want, wife-ing how I want, believing what I want, BEING WHO I WANT. And in doing all those things, I’ve been able to become even more confident in who I am. I was already getting better at that before I left Instagram, but I feel like stepping away really expedited the process!

However, there were a couple cons. I missed chatting with friends and meeting new people. But I am also now doing that in real life, so it wasn’t like I was suffering socially. But I did miss the people I was regularly talking to on Instagram and following along with since, for most of them, it was my only way to contact them.

Another con was that I didn’t get my DSLR camera out until Troian was 7 months old. Which, I don’t really need Instagram to get my camera out. I was taking photos long before I joined social media, and I did end up getting my camera out before knowing if I was going to come back or not. But I do love that Instagram almost holds me accountable in a way to take photos in the midst of our busy life. Life with three kids is no joke. Plus, I love photography and creating content, so for me, it’s not really an unhealthy accountability. It only becomes unhealthy when I start caring about the numbers, and I stopped doing that before I left too.

So basically the pros outweighed the cons immensely, and I was just waiting to feel ready to come back. And if I need to step away again, I always can. Except this time, I promise I’ll let everyone know first so you don’t think I died or something. 😅 But I don’t foresee myself leaving again anytime soon, and probably not ever for quite so long.

Missed all of you! Hope you are all healthy and happy! I know this was pretty vague and doesn’t give all the exciting details, so again, please feel free to hit up the question box in my Instagram story or comment below this blog post. You can also always email me! 🙂

Talk to you soon —



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  1. Ava Hyatt
    March 22, 2021 / 6:28 am

    You have such a beautiful family Briana!! I really love this blog post! I’ve been off of social media almost entirely but I’m trying to navigate it! I really like how you said, “ I did all of this without being influenced” that spoke to my heart! ANYWHO, that was a ramble lol😂

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