Briana Hope Willis

Hey! I’m Briana. The author of She Will + Is.

I’m a twenty-something-year-old wife, mother, and Jesus-lover. I’m a type 4w5 on the enneagram, so I’m full of all kinds of deep, overwhelming emotions and am not always great a communicating them. I’m addicted to buffalo cauliflower and açaí bowls — not together though because that’s probably gross. I might [definitely] watch too much Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m also really into Sci-Fi shows and movies, so I’d like to think it balances out. And if you ever see a blonde girl horribly dancing and singing obnoxiously with two babes in the backseat in the car next to you, it’s probably me — Don’t be a stranger.

Briana Hope Willis

She will and is… what? 

Other than a play on words with my last name, this is my empowerment. This is my reminder that I [or “she”] “will” succeed. I will accomplish my dreams. I will be who I’m called to be, even if that looks different than someone else. Because I am [is] enough. And so are you.

I wanted to create a place where I could solidify things for people and encourage others and give people hope. A place where people can go to feel safe and loved, despite any shameful circumstances or mistakes [because NEWSFLASH, I’m an imperfect human too]. And more importantly, a place where people feel they can move forward and know they can do whatever and be whoever they want, no matter what mouth breather has told them otherwise [Stranger Things references are okay, right?]. 

That’s what this blog is all about. And I hope you can find that here.

Just connecting this as I’m typing, so I thought I’d share; BUT my first and middle name together mean “strong hope”… And now I’ve grown up to create a blog based on giving hope to others, using a title that’s a play on words of my married last name. So crazy.

Briana Hope Willis

A little bit of my story…

I grew up with a single mom and an older brother. We lived in a trailer on this dead-end street in Georgia, neighbors to several other family members. It was great because we had our “village” so to speak; however, it wasn’t the healthiest village. I ended up being sexually abused by a family member repeatedly at around the age of 4.

I didn’t tell anybody for a long time. I remember constantly feeling like I couldn’t be loved without seeking sexual attention for most of my childhood. And since I didn’t act on those feelings, I just always felt unlovable. Then I was abused by another family member at age 12. And I even kept that to myself for a while. But I finally told somebody about all of it when I was 14. So it got back to my mom, which got back to the rest of my family, and that was all a nightmare in itself as well.

In the midst of all those years, my mom got married; we brought in my cousin who was ten years younger than me and I ended up caring for A LOT; my mom got divorced; I dropped out of ninth and tenth grade to care for my cousin; my cousin went back to live with her mom; I made up four years of high school in two years to graduate on time and was sexually abused a few different times then; we were broke and lost our house; I lived in my car; I got into an abusive relationship… Needless to say, I ended up struggling with depression and cutting and just hating myself for years. I didn’t think I’d amount to anything. I didn’t think I’d ever know what love was or that I’d ever be happy.

But with A LOT of hard work and choosing over and over again [because I failed a lot of times] to live intentionally, here I am. Married to an amazing military guy whom I share [almost] three precious babies with. Living in beautiful Hawaii. And more importantly, I’m incredibly happy, confident, and I love myself for who I am, even when I make mistakes. By no means is my life perfect now, or even easy some days. But wow, it is so so special and better than I ever dreamed.